Automatic Pool Cleaner - S300 Robotic Cleaner

Revolutionize cleaning with an automatic pool cleaner S300 for any pool. Blue Pool Inc offers an easy-to-handle, ultra-lightweight automatic pool cleaner for sale.


The way pools get cleaned with the S300 automatic pool cleaner for sale changes the whole concept of quality cleaning services. It's an ideal automatic pool cleaner for above ground and inground swimming pools. With its ultra-lightweight and quick water release, the S300 is super-easy to handle.

A dual filtering system allows a user to choose between two filtration options to capture rough debris, fine and ultra-fine dirt. This little robot will leave any walls and the floor looking spotless. The automatic pool cleaner S300 offers wide coverages of any pool sizes. The robotic pool cleaner can also be scheduled and operated through the new MyDolphin Plus app - especially useful for manual navigation.

Maytronics's Dolphin S 300 Automatic Pool Cleaner for Sale

Watch the video and check the automatic pool cleaner for yourselves. Try this revolutionary ergonomic energy-efficient cleaning solution with high performance, effortless navigation, and easy portability and storage.