Automatic Pool Chlorinator for Quality Pool Sanitizing

At Blue Pool Inc, you can get an automatic pool chlorinator for safe and quality pool sanitizing. Save time and money for maintenance with salt chlorination.

Salt Chlorination Water System

Watch an informative video of the efficient Hayward Salt Chlorination and see details about Hayward's AquaRite 900 Series, expert line pool sanitizing products with smart control, in their brochure below.

Salt Chlorination Water System

Here are the benefits (pros) you'll get with the Hayward automatic pool chlorinator. We also singled out some factors (cons) that might affect your decision.

Pros of the Smart Salt Chlorination:


- Much better for the skin.

- You save more money throughout the season.

- Less maintenance throughout the season.

- You don't taste the salt or smell like you have been in a salt water pool.


Salt Water System Cons:


- There's an upfront cost in the beginning.

- You are adding new components to the plumbing system. Might need to re-do a bit of


- You might have to fix it throughout the years.

If you're interested in our automatic pool chlorinator or any other products or services, contact us for a free consultation or quote.